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About Dilux® Dilution Reservoir

Our product, the Dilux® Dilution Reservoir, represents an original and unique innovation created by a lab technician, Margit Homola, merely to prevent repetitive pipetting motion while making serial dilutions of diverse compounds to be tested on tissue cultures growing on 96-well plates.

The development of our product from conception to market was new to us and exciting in all of its phases – designing and patenting the reservoir, overseeing the molding, sterilization, and packaging processes, and creating our company, Dilux, LLC presently located in Florida.

Starting in the year 2000, the Dilux® Dilution Reservoir has assisted numerous technicians to work more efficiently while providing them with ergonomic advantage and increasing their accuracy in performing their tests.

Since then we have truly enjoyed watching our very small business grow, and we hope – with your support – we can continue a productive relationship by providing you with a quality product and our prompt service.


Made in the USA


Direct transfer of diluted material.


No need for dilution tubes.


Reduced pipetting frequency.